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The Journey at oDiAMusic ( ORIYAMUSIC )

Thursday, August 14, 2008

[ Down The Memory Lane ]

Walking down the memory-lane, the mind races back to those effervescent college days and focuses on the unforgettable moments of Engineering Hostel life. This was the carefree youth that sprinkled the magic of an ambition to envision the concept of The days when there was a confidence to wade across seven seas and achieve the impossible, the days of rainbow-colored dreams.

Dreams spun with strands of odia music. Especially, the pre-sessional and week-end holidays SANGEETA ASHARA of the oDiA group, after sumptuous oDiA Pakhala lunches, the lilting tunes of many unforgettable Odia melodies. Where irrespective of SURA AND TAALA, eveyone was a singer, with plastic buckets and tins becoming perfect TABLAS to accompany the BATHROOM SINGERS. Music traversed across georaphical boundaries and friends ( hostel mates ) from other states would join in for boisterous dances to foot-tapping numbers like ”Rangabati, Rangabati” or “Jhumka Tike Tu Ta Halei De”.

Time flew by in a hurry and all set out in the pursuit of different goals. But the unfulfilled dream for odia music grew more intense: how to popularize odia music world-wide, the revival of melodies of the yester-years which have almost vanished from the market, recognition for the unsung heroes of odia music, production of lilting songs of various moods, unveiling the magic of the folk-songs and the list was endless. One common thought linking all these was making the music of oDishA a prominent component of every oDiA’s identity.

[ The Dream Comes True ]

Through hurdles and disappointments, ups and down followed by sudden drizzles of success, finally started its journey from New Jersey, USA on 21st April 2005. A co-incidence meeting with Mr.Shantanu Das of Oklahoma USA, over phone proved to be a lucky touchstone. With his experience in experimenting with Oriya Karaoke and his constant guidance, efforts were focused on ANWESHANA the ORIYA KARAOKE project of AP Arts Intenational LLC,USA the parent organization of Networking with music production houses in Orissa and USA strengthened our ties and emboldened our endeavour. From tentative steps to confident strides,it has been a remarkable journey uphill.

[ The Pledge ] shall dedicate itself to providing world-class service impacting society,thus instilling pride in its stake-holders, promoting creativity and pursuit of quality in all endeavours in promoting music of oDishA.


2 Responses

  1. Dear Sagarika Pattnaik,

    May we know which project you are talking about here ?

    If you are talking about our Talent Search published at

    then please visit that link and you will get all details what you have to do in order to participate in that project

  2. sagarika pattnaik says:

    i am interested for the project.what i have to do?

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