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Music Project : Showcase Your Talent

Thursday, August 7, 2008

AP Arts International LLC , USA an authentic oDia and oDishA related organization inviting applications from the fresh and experienced oDiA talents worldwide in the field of oDiA Music. Selected talents will be required to work on any or all of the projects mentioned below based on various THEME.

  • ODIA Philosophical Songs : 1 Album
  • ODIA DANCE MUSIC : 1 Album
  • SAMBALPURI SONGS [ Meaningful and Melodious ] : 3 Albums
  • JANMADINA SHUBHAKAMANA ( Occassion based Songs for oDiA Kids ) : 1 Album
  • SHISHU RAEEJA ( Melodious Songs for oDiA Kids ) : 1 Album
  • ODIA ADHUNIKA ( Melodious ODIA Modern Songs ) : 1 Album
  • ODIA Marriage Ceremony Releated Songs : 1 Album

Few Notes About The above Projects

These are not ordinary but quality music projects. We are only looking for SERIOUS and Creative Talents who believe in Originality and have a passion to bring the difference. We pay better than others in oDiA Music Industry to the right talent. We don’t believe in Copy and Paste Technology in oDiA Music and Culture. Rather we want to maintain the original richness and sweetness of oDiA Music and its culture optionally with modern flavor.

How and where to Apply ?

1. Bio-data typed either in English/ODIA in MS WORD or PDF format with a passport size scanned photo .

2. A cover letter in MS WORD or PDF format mentioning about the project(s) you want participate with your Role.

3. Sample work based on the Roles you are interested for as per the following

For Lyricists :: Please do type your oDiA Lyrics in any oDiA Editor and convert it into PDF Files and send it to us at the above mentioned email id. Please note that, we accept Quality Lyrics.

For Music Directors :: Please do compose at least 3 sample tracks for any of the above proejct and send it to us in MP3 Format. Please remember your sample tracks should not be more than 2 min. in length.

For Singers :: Please do send your any vocal tracks in MP3 format . Please note that we do take note of your ODIA pronunciation and accent.

4. SEND IT TO email id : omteam[at] .


15 Responses

  1. Swapna Patra says:

    Hello Sir,

    You have done a wonderful job with the Page.I like to sing.But i Can’t find any karaoki music when are going to make it?

  2. chittaranjan rath says:

    Dear Sir,
    Really it is a fantastic & rewardable system devloped to grow our Odiya Sangeeta & Sanshkruti.
    A lot of thanks to U all.
    I will send my vocal. to you in above mail address.
    give me a chance

    Chittaranjan Rath

  3. Susanta Dash says:

    Really it is a fantastic & rewardable system devloped to grow our Odiya Bhasha,Sahitya,Sangeeta & Sanshkruti.
    A lot of thanks to U all.
    Please keep the santity.

  4. Khirod Kumar Panda says:

    I can write some romantic lyricis .But i don’t know how to send those oriya songs to your “ORIYA MUSIC .COM”. Pl, send the esiest procedure.

    Thank you

  5. MUNA DASH says:

    May jaganath give you power to uplift good singer from orissa.

    i will send my vocal. to you in above mail address.
    give me a chance

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