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Promote Your Music At oDiAMusic

Saturday, August 16, 2008

What is and Why Music Publishing ?

Promote Your Music
Now has extended its support to the OWNERS of ODIA MUSIC Albums/CDs/DVDs/VCDs. Upon approval, you being the PRODUCER OR COPYRIGHT HOLDER OF THE ALBUM can publish your music album at, which can be sampled by our esteemed visitors.

  • It is the first Dedicated ODIA Music Platform on the world wide web to publish Oriya Music.
  • A Platform to make your albums,CD,DVD visible to our 12,000 regular visitors accross the globe
  • A new way to promote ODIA MUSIC legally and genuinely, assuring a global exposure.
  • Your music will be sampled by our visitors leading to popularity and growth in sales of your albums
  • We will publish a release report about your CD/Album along with the MP3 Samples ( Ghosha & One Antara for each song ). This will be kept at least for 45 days on our website ( May be archived beyond 45 days and depends on our management). CLICK HERE FOR AN EXAMPLE.

Who can publish their music ?

As we all are aware of the fact, publishing any music in any form not limited to only Interet requires the permission and/or license from its producer and/or copyright holder. It is STRICTLY ILLEGAL TO PUBLSH COMMERCIAL AUDIO AND VIDEO without the consent of the copyright holder of the Music or Video. To promote ANTI-PIRACY campaign and to support the Oriya Music Industry and to provide the visitors and listeners the quality , we only accept music/songs to publish in our website from the following sources.

  • The copyright holder of any oDiA Music, Album, CD or DVD
  • The owner of any Oriya Music, Album, CD or DVD
  • The owner of any music video or audio recording [ ex. Live Music ]

We don’t also allow downloading music to our visitors without the prior agreement and consent of the copyright holder (owner ) of the music. Unlike others we want to be safe legally and believe in surviving in long run.

How does it work ?

  • You need to download the music publishing form [ DOWNLOAD FORM ]
  • Complete the form with appropriate data and signature
  • Include a copy of your Music CD/DVD/Cassette
  • Include the payment in DD/Check in favour of “AP INFOARTS PVT. LTD., Rourkela”.
    Put all of the above in a PACKAGE and deposit in person at our office ( please have your appointment by calling us ) address given in the form.

Why at ?

  • Unlike others we don’t just publish, store music , we literally promote ODIA MUSIC by holding events, exhibition, ODIA MUSIC Seminars and PRODUCING QUALITY music.
  • We are the only website dedicated to ODIA MUSIC.
  • We believe Quality of the content rather numbers catering to the varied tastes and interests of the listeners
  • We have 18,000 regular visitors and 1000 New Visitor every month
  • As we are associated with AP Arts International LLC, the music production and Marketing unit, you can sell your product worldwide.
  • We are promoter of Anti-Piracy hence we wish to work legally with the consent of the copyright holder.
  • We will help you protecting unauthorized publishing of your music in world wide web.

12 Responses

  1. ashish behera says:

    i thank all of you who have give time to discover the site.

  2. ashish behera says:

    hello friend i thank all of you who have give time to discover the site.

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