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Thursday, August 7, 2008

By the year 1866 ODISHA was the 12th Southern most neglected division of the gigantic Bengal Presidency. The total geographical area of ODISHA division consists of Districts of Cuttack , Puri , Balasore & Angul was 14639 sqkm. Whereas the total area of Bengal presidency was 295548 sqkm.

Due to very small size of ODISHA Division within the mighty Bengal presidency, ODISHA was a neglected division. Practically out of ashes of frustration , the struggle for a separate province for ODISHA began in the year 1866 which took another 70 years for the long cherished goal. The struggle for the formation of the province of ODISHA continued nearly for 70 years without respite. And finally the MODERN ODISHA was formed on 1st April 1936 as an independent state of India. Today’s modern ODISHA geographically consists of , parts of the historically known regions KOSHALA,KALINGA,UTKALA,KONGADA & ODRA/UDRA.

The battle was fought with great deal of sagacity and fortitude against the fierce and biting opposition by the representatives of the neighboring provinces. The creation of the province of ODISHA as the first linguistic province in the entire country , aroused igniting aspirations and enduring sentiments among other linguistic groups of people.

The prominent architect for this new province were Maharaja of Paralakehmundi Krushna Chandra Gajapati , Braja sundara Das , Madhusudan Das , Gopanadhu Das , Dharanidhar Mishra , Fakir Mohan senapati , Raja Artatran Deo etc. along with a number of socio – cultural Organization . These personalities along with uncountable efforts of various other people had helped for a separate province of ODISHA. To remember the great work of these personalities and organizations as well as to remember the great cultural heritage of ODISHA all Oriya speaking people around the world, celebrates 1st April as ODISHA Dibasa for a better , prosperous and developed ODISHA.

In 2002 the then President of India Dr. K.R.Narayan gave the message on the occasion of ODISHA DIBASA as ODISHA has had the distinction many firsts to its credit . It was the first state in our country to have been created on the basis of language . It constituted the fruition of long cherished dream of our nationalist leaders for linguistic reorganization of states. At that time of 1st April 1936 , the total area of new ODISHA Province was 84,677 sqm. which then raised to 1,55,707 sqm. as on date. But with a lot of deliberation the Oriya speaking area of Saraikala and Kharsuan are not amalgamated with ODISHA till date which creates a live wound on all oriya speaking people.

It is not only UTKALA DIBASA but also should be celebrated as KOSHALA DIBASA, KALINGA DIBASA etc. in the same logic. Hence celebrates ODISHA DIBASA to include literally and logically all the 5 provinces under the name ODISHA and not just UTKALA in this celebration. It also signifies the unity of oDiAs from all over the oDishA ( Not just to mean from historical UTKALA province of Modern oDishA and vice-versa ) for a developed,prosperous,united and stronger oDishA. We have to remember that today’s modern oDishA is a united state of all the historical provices and not just Utkala or Koshala .


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  1. Rashmin Kumar Mahapatra says:

    Thanks a lot for giving the historic background about the formation of the Orissa , as a state. We Odias are indebted to the promoters of this site in the sense that you guys have given a new life to the odia culture & music in the electronic format. Please feel free to contact in case of any help needed.

    Rashmin Kumar Mahapatra
    G.M-Export Administration
    Hawkins Cookers Ltd.

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