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Sikandar AlamThe legendary singer and one of the Trio ( Akshaya, Pranab and Sikandar) of Odia music Industry , Sikandar Alam is no more among us. The legendary singer passed away, today, August 8, 2010, at Kar Clinic in Bhubaneswar. He was 71 years old. On last Thursday, August 5, Alam complained of chest pain and got fainted. He was immediately transferred to the Kar Clinic in Bhubaneswar where the doctors found him bleeding internally. The doctors were able to stop the bleeding; however, he then suffered a serious heart attack and was almost in a coma since then. In spite of the tremendous efforts by doctors, his condition did not improve. He passed away early this morning leaving behind his wife and two daughters Sofia and Nazia.

Odiamusic along with its visitors pay its tribute to the legendary singer.

Some flash back of his life.


14 Responses

  1. Shakti Swarup Samal says:

    I always enjoy listening old songs sung by such legendry singers like him.I have never seen him face to face, but became a die hard fan after listening his songs in various stage shows telecasted in TV.I was really socked to hear the sad demise of him.I am grieved to hear the news and my condolences are to his family.

    Shakti Swarup Samal

  2. Dr. Sura Rath says:

    My generation of Oriyas grew up with four singers: Akshaya Mohanty, Pranab Patnaik, Sikandar Alam, and Prafulla Kar, and it was my privilege to hear all of them many times during my years at Ravenshaw College and Vanivihar. I did not know any of them personally, but they were in the air, both literally and figuratively, and we were proud of them and showcase them to friends from other states.
    I have lived in the United States the last thirty-five years, and have had the pleasure of listening to Akshaya Mohanty and Prafulla Kar. Just last December, I purchased CDs of Pranab Patnaik and Sikandar Alam, and re-lived my college days through their music such as “Sagare adheera nila taranga…” I am grieved to hear about Alam’s passing away, and my condolences are to his family.
    Sura rath, Director, University College, University of North Texas, Dallas

  3. arjyendu says:

    Listening to Sikandar Alam singing “Arata sure bare kare Minati re….” in a far away land, always brought tears to my eyes. I will miss him very much. Last time I saw him sing was at OUAT, Bhubaneswar in the 80’s. I am surprized by the low key response to his passing away.

  4. Rasmi says:

    “Sapanara Pathe Pathe” Chaligale Alaam bhai.

    Ete Sundara romantic swara odia sangeeta jagatrea nathile ki nahaanti Madhya.

    Odiamusic ku dhanyabaad tanka smruti banchaai rakhithibaaru.

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