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Akshaya Ustav-Akshaya Mohanty Samman – 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The annual “Akshaya Ustav” & “Akshaya Mohanty Samman” prize-giving ceremony took place in Bhubaneswar at the Utkal Mandap, on Monday 12 October. The award was conferred to Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia , noted fluete player of India. The award carries a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh and a special letter of appreciation.

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, the internationally renowned exponent of the bansuri or bamboo flute is a classicist who has made a conscious effort to reach out and expand the audience for classical music.

The two previous recipients of the Samman were Manna Dey and Gulzar. Chaurasia was chosen for his life-time contribution in the field of music and literature, chairman of the selection committee of the Akshaya Mohanty Foundation.

The Foundation was established in memory of Akshaya Mohanty, the legendary singer, composer and lyricist, who gave a new identity to Oriya popular music and October 12 being the birth day of the singer, is annually chosen as the day for Akshaya Utsav to remember the genius.


8 Responses

  1. Rashmin Kumar Mahapatra says:

    Let’s maintain the dignity this platform deserves. We odiyas have to be united & encourage our people & culture to get it’s long deserved due in India and International platforms. In that sense What Mr. Prashant Sahoo has written is in fact the voice of all of us Odiya. Let us nourish this to be flowered as one of the repected & loved cultures of the World.

  2. Critics are there for criticism,for every reason & no reason, also. I am 100 percent agreeing with Mr P K Sahoo. We need to encourage & promote our music & culture in our state first then spread the message to other state. What about Shri Raghunath Panigrahi,Shri Prafulla Kar, Shri Pranab Pattnaik & contemporary music legends. All three conferred with the awards are internationally reknowned artists. After getting Bharat Ratna no body is amused to get a Padma. We are still dependant on others for a voice in oriya films in spite of the fact that there is enough talent and good voices we have . Many will rate Shri Raghunath Panigrahi or Shri Pranab Pattnaik better than Manna Dey but are they so famous or known out of our state ? It is politics… every where and we fools are using slang & busy in personal attack. ( S K Sahoo , Ludhiana, Punjab)

  3. Prashant K Sahoo says:

    Well Shri Sambit Mahashaya, while I agree you have every right to put your own views , at the same time you can refrain from personal attack and be respectful to others and don’t get personal. I never said such awards should be given ONLY to artists of Odisha. Nor I meant anywhere about it. Nor I said we should not confer to outside artists even if they have hardly any contribution for Odia Music. Please Reread.

    Your idea and concept might be Noble and Great. But that is your personal opinion .

    What I have talked about is promoting , prioritizing , recognizing and nurturing our Own Artists by conferring such awards or recognition. Culture of Odisha is not get promoted by conferring awards to outsiders ( though it can be done once in a while which is OK ) but only when every Odia who live outside and in Odisha becomes the ambassador of its culture by promoting it and its people. I can also show you many in similar vein how important and critical it is to promote our own people in order to promote culture. Also Award is a tiny and minute part in promoting culture. But it play a big role in promoting Artists and his spirit of contribution. Those who have already conferred with the above Award in last 3 years don’t need further recognition in my opinion because they have gone much above that. Rather such trends are mostly practised in Odisha to RAISE FUNDS from the corporate to hold the ceremony by tagging the ceremony with National Level Artists.

    Out of 3 times, if at least once such award had been given to any Odia , I would not have made such comments nor you would have been provoked with your arrogancy. The reason what you have given looks like an excuse and meaningless with no logic. Had your read my comment properly , you would have accepted the criticism positively and talked about both giving to Artists of odisha and outside.

    It seems since you have all of the information and ideas behind any award ( why it is given and why it is establised etc. ) , I am sure you must have also collected all the information/data who are promoting which award and others before you challenge them here about what they have done in promoting music or artists or awards . I hardly care , if this website is commercial or non commercial . I also failed to understand what and how this has to do with the discussion going here. Won’t it be great if you yourself practise what you preach others ( I mean the cribbing , critcizing and parochial outlook etc ! ) ?

    While every effort by any one in this direction is praiseworhty, but I found this website’s effort is one of the most successful one and the best one. During my last 3 years of visit I have seen how this website has been improving and growing. And on the world wide web perhpas the best Music Website which has promoted the music of odisha. A great commendable effort.

    Regarding NGOs you know better than me that they also operate on Public/Donor’s funds ( Not free at all and is a business as well ) and how NGOs are operating in Odisha and India.

    I will appreciate , whenever you participate in this kind of discussion, please tone down and refrain from personal attacks ( doing so may sound cheap ) which can keep this platform healthy and encourage others as well to participate and put their views.

  4. sambit pradhan says:

    Mr. Prashant Sahoo,

    How parochial in outlook!! Do you mean to say that giving the award only to Odisa artists will promote the cause?? Well, in the same vein, the Queen should not be knighting any non-UK citizens ! The idea of any award is to promote culture not only within the state , but outside. How do we promote culture outside the state, if prominent persons who have contributed to the same field are not honoured? It has been only 3 years since the award, and you guys are already cribbing. Such attitude is the reason we Odiyas have never made it far. How may of you have actually helped promote an award? Now that an organisation is actually doing that in Odisa, we go all out to criticize them.

    [content edited due to nature of personal attack] This website is purely commercial , on the line of business unit. Please do some NGO work yourself first, before criticizing others doing some good work.

  5. Rashmin Kumar Mahapatra says:

    It should be bestowed upon the people who have contributed to oriya film/music industry. Our culture is one of the best in india, Our art/music people are the best but have not got the national level attention. Please atleast give them value at the state level.

  6. we should give some one in orissa

  7. SKRoutray says:

    mr.PRASANT KUMAR SAHOO,It is excelent.I am completely prasing what you have writen. Weare proving ourselves that we are ODIA.We always follow the other state peoples.If anybody has found this type example in other states???Please anybody can pass all these comments to the selecters?You do not devalue the orissa peoples in future.
    [email protected]

  8. Prashant K Sahoo says:

    It is good to learn that Akshaya Mohanty Utsaba and Sammana both being organized and conferred respectively to promote the legend and his music. No doubt the legend has contributed a lot to Music Industry of Odisha. However, looking at the trend of awarding such Samman to other legends who really don’t need any award or futher recognition ( as they are above all of this because of their contribution at national level ), I am bit surprised, is the organizer really promoting the music and philosophy ( which is immortal ) of Akshaya Mohanty or associating itself in self-promotion in the name of Akshaya Mohanty and associating itself with some National Level celebrities/Legends of Hindi Music for sake of self-satisfaction that they are indeed promoting outstanding creativity of Akshaya Mohanty in the field of Odia Music.

    If I am not wrong , why can’t be the same Sammana conferred to the Artists of Odisha to inspire and encourage them with the creativity of Aksahya Mohanty ? Do Odisha lack such talents to get such Award ? Why such award can not be given to Achievers of Odisha who either could be a legend or even new age talents.

    Why I am writing is only after seeing the same trend from last 3 years ? Why the Award can not be first preferred to be awarded to the Artists of Odisha who are neglected and ignored intentionally or un-intentionally by our own people and organizations ? Once we identify enough Artists of Odisha then we can go out of Odisha to recognize the winners of the Award.

    Unless Akshaya Samman is exclusively meant for a National Level Recognition , I would say carrying such trend of Awarding will dilute the purpose of such events and Odia Artists will always remain ignored by their own ignorant people.

    What Odisha needs today is recognizing, promoting, nurturing its own people and talents.

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