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Abhula Smruti – Audio CD Released

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Akshaya Mohanty’s compositions along with his unique and versatile singing style have made these songs popular and all time favorites of Oriya music lovers. These songs are recorded in high quality Multi-track digital technology keeping the tune, ambiance of the song close to the original. No Remixes.

Consisting of 10 songs, this CD no doubt will remind about
the Legend and his dedicated work in the field of Oriya Music.
The voices are lent by outstanding Oriya singers of present time Prashant Muduli,
Adyasha Das and Pritinanda Rout.

The CD has been produced by Dr. Atasu Nayak of Houston, Texas under supervision and guidance of AP Arts International LLC, NJ USA. Those who love to sing can also avail the KARAOKE TRACKS of this album shortly, the source said.

  • Jajabara Mana Mora, Seemahina Asha Mora
  • Chandrama Eka Chandana Bindu
  • Preeti Nuhen Seta Palakara Smruti
  • Nadeera Naama Alasa Kanya
  • Lal Tuk Tuk Othe Taara Badhuli Phula
  • Phulei Raani Saja Phula Gulu Gulia
  • Saabi Saabi Tu Ta Mora Naali Paan Bibi
  • Punyara Nadee Teere Papara Taru Dale
  • Badhu Hase Madhu Madhu Sate Punami Indu
  • Jaa Jaa Re Bhasi Bhasi Jaa Nauka Mora

8 Responses

  1. pravati says:

    Hi Dr Nayak

    I am Prava. Looking forward for the abhula smruti /Akshya Mohanty Karoeke. I purchaced 4 CD s from you already. How can I get the a mohanty karaoke. Please let me know.



  2. priya says:

    can you tell me how to listen the full length songs of newly released albums.

  3. N.MISHRA says:

    Please intimate if I can get a complete list of released items.

  4. udaya says:

    Iam udaya from mumbai.i love u oriya song

  5. susant nayak says:

    i am susant from mumbai i love odissa &oriya music

  6. Ashutosh Khatei says:

    This is very nice website. i have visited for old song collections. May I know how to get the song PUNYARA NADEE TERE?

  7. Dear Ranjan Mohanty,

    We at don’t sell music directly but we only showcase it. Our parent company AP ARTS International soon bringing the ONLINE MUSIC DOWNLOAD portal where you can pay and download or order online the Audio CDs. We are working with them in this direction. Hope it will be launched very soon.

    Dhanyabad !

  8. Ranjan Mohanty says:

    Can You please guide me I am intersted to buy the latest relases from Oriya Music.
    Please let me knowe by return mail how can I remit Indian Currency. Thank You- Ranjan

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