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    ( Rashmin Kumar Mahapatra )
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ଓଡ଼ିଆ ଚଳଚ୍ଚିତ୍ର ଗୀତ
Priya Bina Jhure Khali  ( Year :  1979 )
Film :  Anuraga Singer(s) : Chitta Jena
Lyricist :  Shibabrata Das Music Director :  Bhuban - Hari
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Priya Mora Eki Kala Bhala Pai Bhuli Gala  ( Year :  )
Film :  Poojaphula Singer(s) : Akshaya Mohanty
Lyricist :  Music Director :  Akshaya Mohanty
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Priya Priya Priya Priya Tu Solati Chaiti Chhuan  ( Year :  2007 )
Film :  Priya Mo Priya Singer(s) : Shomaa, Tapu Mishra, Rupali
Lyricist :  Music Director :  Swarup Nayak
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Priyare Priyare Najare Najare  ( Year :  )
Film :  Dream Girl Singer(s) : Krishna
Lyricist :  Nizam Music Director :  Prasant Padhi
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Puchuki Gaali Phesana Baali Chaali To Bombay  ( Year :  )
Film :  Suna Panjuri Singer(s) : Sonu Nigam & Chorus
Lyricist :  Shirshananda Das Kanungo Music Director :  Amarendra Mohanty
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Purila Aasha Mora Bharila Mana Mora Rupa  ( Year :  1978 )
Film :  Paribar Singer(s) : Pranab Patnaik & S. Janaki
Lyricist :  Narayan Prasad Singh Music Director :  Upendra Kumar
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Purnima Janha Sate Dhara Buke Hasila  ( Year :  1969 )
Film :  Bandhana Singer(s) : Pranab Patnaik & Nirmala Mishra
Lyricist :  Narsingh Mohapatra Music Director :  Bhubaneshwar Mishra
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Swetapadma Subudhi,
| 15 Jan, 2007
I'm glad to discover you. Staying away from Orissa I'm able to bring the Oriya spirit in my home because of your site. Yet I fill from the vast sea you have ony a palmfull of collections. Please GIVE ME MORE.Thanks millions.
Swetapadma Subudhi, Maharashtra, Indial
| 15 Jan, 2007
May I am asking too much, but can you please place a few video clippings from some golden b/w pictures. Those songs are incomparable.
| 03 Jan, 2007
What a tremendous effort taken by you ,it is simply beyond my appreciation.It is making me more energised when i am able to listen the golden oldies of oriya music even remaining at far of place from Orissa.It is memorising my school days when we use to listen these songs from Cuttack radio center(9.05-9.30A.M) while preparing to goto school.
bhagirathi pati,
| 23 Dec, 2006
many more beautiful songs are left ,.i.e., Mohammad Rafi's Mayuri go Tuma Aakaashe mun Dine Malhaare....
Sudhansu Sekhar Das,
| 23 Nov, 2006
Dear Sir,
I came across your website a few days ago. It is a good dedication of efforts of some oriya bhai living far away. A fe Suggestions: Can you we have the options to get the songs film wise. For excample if I want to listen Nagaphasa, I should not have to click each of the songs by the first letter. It is use friendly. KIndly make it still more useful. Thank you with regards,
Suresh Patnaik,
| 14 Nov, 2006
If you can separate or bifurcate by movies (Chalachitra), then it will make us little bit easier to find songs based on the movies.

Thanks & regards,
Bibhu Swain,
| 13 Nov, 2006
I simply love this site.Thank you very much for making such a wonderful site
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