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ODIAMusic Library :

It has been created in appreciation of music from the land of Lord Jagannath, i.e, ODISHA, also historically known as Kalinga,Utkal,Koshala, Udra, Kodanga. It is for all the odia music lovers who love immortal odia melodies and odia music in general. The purpose of "ODIAMusic Library" is same as any conventional library be it is for books or CDs or videos. In otherwords "OM Library" is a web-based music library where visitors can only able to listen ( No Downloading ) to their favourite songs and music. The whole purpose of this library is to setup an example of diversity in music of odisha accross its regions, its culture and unique heritage .

It is definitely not meant to replace the audio cassettes or CDs that you would otherwise buy. This site is only to let you sample the music before you can actually buy. "" strongly recommends its visitors to always buy original cassettes and CDs and to discourage music piracy. This way it encourages the Music Producers to produce better songs for the music lovers and keeping the music industry culturally healthy and wealthy as well. At the same time this also serves as an ARCHIVE for the glorious history of ODIA Music Industry.

Rights of "OM Library" songs reserved with the concerned copyright holders. To name a few
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  • Gathani Records Company, Kolkatta, India
  • Jagannath Electronics / Sarthak Music , Odisha,India
  • Samrat Cassettes Pvt. Ltd. , Odisha,India
  • AP ARTS International LLC, USA ( Music Division )
  • Affilated production houses.
We have acquired license to host music from few copyright holders . This includes our own inhouse production too under the banner of Though we are in a process of obtaining the licences for rest of the copyright holders, we are not aware of any possible copyright violations in hosting these music in "OM Library" . Please notify us in case of any copyright violations so we can promptly remove the respective song.

You may not find information about or links to few of the singers, music composers and musicians as yet on this website or may find typos and improper acknowledgement. It is in no way a disregard for them and we respect all artist contributed to odia music. In such cases we will surely rectify any mistake and include proper information if that is brought to our notice and is properly justified with possible evidence. We welcome comments,criticism and our visitor's cooperation in enhancing the content and popularizing this website. We are not responsible for any content which may lead to unexpected and unintentional controversial and/or some dispute.

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